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Airport Shuttle & Courier Solutions

Shuttles to and from Hamilton, Auckland, Anywhere. Vanman Logistics Ltd is your #1 for transport - Airports / Hotels / Home / Business / Functions anywhere, anytime.

How we Operate as an Essential Service

"As an Essential Service provider we operate during all Covid-19 Alert Levels."

"​We can cross any regionally restricted boarder, especially to get passengers to and from an airport or from an MIQ facility.​ Shuttles are sanitised between each transfer.​ To ensure Social Distancing restrictions during the higher alert levels, we only offer Private Transfers rather than Shared-ride Transfers."

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Phone: 07 850 5615


Mobile: 027 442 9252

We check emails, missed calls & txts on a regular basis (8am until 4pm weekdays, 10am – 3pm weekends).

If we can't make it to the phone, please leave a detailed message or fill out one of the "request a quote" forms.​

Kiwi Owned.
Reliable & friendly drivers.
"Anywhere, anytime.
We get the job done."

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Phone: 07 850 5615
Mobile: 027 442 9252