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Business through the past 10 years

Dave Orr is the Owner & Director assisted by Heather Logie (wife) being a significant Shareholder. Vanman was started in the 2nd half of 2020, after Domestic flights resumed following the ​border closure and cessation of International & Domestic passenger flights in late March 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic country wide lockdown.

Previously, Dave & Heather operated for 3 years as a Supershuttle franchisee at the Hamilton Airport, then bought and operated Aerolink shuttles from June 2011 until the March 2020 border closure forced them to voluntarily put the business into liquidation a few months later. During the 10 years they operated Aerolink (Hamilton based), 4 other shuttle businesses were acquired and operated under the Aerolink brand: ​Go-Easy shuttles (Te Awamutu) December 2013, ​On-Route shuttles (formally known as BOP shuttles, Rotorua) March 2014​, Apollo Connect shuttles (Tauranga) April 2014​, Minibus Express shuttles (Hamilton) Dec 2015.​ ​

Liquidating Aerolink & Covid 19

It was a very sad day that the decision was made to liquidate the business in 2020.​ We had nearly 40 friends as staff & drivers employed at the start of 2020 and to have to end their jobs so suddenly was heart breaking for them and Dave & Heather.​ As we had a 100% drop in income we could not qualify for the 5 year Government loan scheme to keep us afloat, as we had no income to start paying it back and were at that point not considered to be a viable business.​ ​ To add injury to insult, Dave contracted the Covid-19 virus during the end of the last week prior to the lockdown.​ Some drivers (quite rightly) were pulling out of driving so Dave ended up driving alot just to help people get to where they needed to go.​ Of the full team only Dave contracted the virus, which he unfortunately shared with his wife Heather, both were sick during the first 5 or 6 weeks of the lockdown. ​ ​

Moving forward with Vanman

Vanman is more than just a shuttle business.​ The business will operate more as a logistics company with 3 divisions that create a more diversified business than Aerolink was, thus ensuring its survival especially in the Covid-19 environment​ that all of us are having to adjust to.​ ​

The 3 divisions or Services offered by Vanman are:​

Shuttle Solutions: Passenger Transfers​, Private (Exclusive) Transfers, Shared-rides and Dial-a-driver (we driver your car). ​For trucking and bus companies, we can help get stranded drivers and passengers picked up from broken down vehicles and delivered wherever needed.​ ​

Courier Solutions: Freight forwarding: ​ Small parcels and household items, either Urgent or Non-Urgent Pick-up & Deliver.​ ​

Towing Solutions: Trailer: ​ We can tow your trailer, caravan, or boat & trailer, even a hired furniture trailer (which we can hire on your behalf and deliver it to you for loading).​ If your car/van or another company’s taxi/shuttle, has broken down and needs to be towed such as for repair or servicing, we can use a car transport trailer to pick up your car/van/taxi/shuttle and deliver it to your chosen destination, then deliver you or your passengers home.

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